Power Woman Sara Rais

“A Power Woman is someone who lives an everyday life where she bring energy to both herself and to others."

Who is Sara?
My name is Sara Rais (@kullagulla100miles). I practice running in all distances, and I’m constantly define new goals find and challenges. The overall purpose with my training is actually to challenge myself and develop my skills. I love to "get a status check" by running various different races – for me it works like a receipt on how well I’ve done my homework.

What´s your primary goals with your training?
My primary goal, since a couple of years back, is to finish “Kullamannen 100 miles”, which I will finally will try to accomplish this autumn.

What is your best tips on how to exercise in a sustainable way?
This differs probably for every person. For me, the problem has rather been that I can’t train as often as I would like to. I just love to exercise and I’m super motivated, but doesn’t always find the time. For someone else it might be the total opposite, a lack of motivation and a struggle to be exercise regularly. I believe you must find your inner purpose and your way of doing it – in order to keep it going. That leads to a sustainable way of doing it.  

Which is your favorite items from Power Woman?
The Hot shorts – they are absolutely wonderful. I spend the whole summer in my Hot Shorts and I just love to be able to take a dip in the lake along the run and then be able to continue running since they dry so extremely fast.

What does "Power Woman" mean to you?
For me Power Woman means - a determined woman who challenges herself while inspiring and helping others to reach their goals. Someone who gives energy to others and who lives an everyday life where she bring energy to both herself and to others.

Sara Rais - @kullagulla100miles

Photo credits: Salming Idre Fjällmaraton @idrefjallmara

May 19, 2022 — Cecilia Hjertzell