The week before a marathon is special and the questions are many.... the nerves are haunting, am I not a little sick? My legs are so heavy, how will it go? Have I trained enough? Can I really run that far? How do I organize the day?  How should I prepare myself mentally? What should I eat during the race? 

Here is a great article by in Swedish on how to prepare the week before the race.  "Are you running the Stockholm Marathon? Then you might be wondering how to train, eat and recharge as the race is fast approaching.  FrontRunner Elmina Saksi share how she prepares for the race and to get her top tips."

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If my goal is to get around in maybe 5 hours, how should I train?

- It's still good to do a long run about 10 days before the race. But you don't have to push yourself as hard with the same amount of training and the same intensity. During race week, I recommend two running sessions, preferably on Tuesday, 45 minutes with built-in speed increases (for example 3x400 m with 1 minute rest). On Friday, you can do 30 minutes of easy jogging. If you want to keep going on Wednesday and Thursday, I recommend yoga, swimming, or a leisurely 30-minute bike ride. (

How do you dress during the race?
- I like to wear as little clothing as possible. I don't like being hot and run faster with little clothing. If it's over 10 degrees, I wear shorts and a tank top. I rarely change as I have a good overview of the weather beforehand. Then I make sure to lubricate myself with Vaseline as I easily get chafed. If you take it a little easier around the track, you may need a little more clothing - but remember that it's not nice to get too hot. 

What mindset do you have when you get to the starting line?
- I think a lot about this being fun! I have trained for this and I will celebrate at the finish!
During the race I divide the distance and set sub-goals. I visualize the course and all the fun and interesting things that happen along the course. 

How do you think when things get really tough during the race?
- I think "one km at a time, soon I'll be at the finish line and I can't do more than my best". Slumps come, but often it is possible to recover. I try to focus on other things, like the crowd or someone with great running style. I try to wave and smile at the crowd, it gives me so much energy back. 
( have made a great article in English about the last weeks and final preparations before your long distance event. "Your final long distance training should be done two to three weeks before your race. The weekend before your race should be at reduced mileage, a practice known as tapering. This gives your muscles a chance to rebuild and restore rather than stressing them with increased mileage." 

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May 24, 2023 — Anna Wretling