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leggings for runners

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Leggings for runners

Our leggings are not just regular leggings. Our leggings are made by female athletes together with a development team to make sure they stay in place during all kinds of running, from sprint to ultra marathons. With a wide waist and a highly technical material, that breaths and shapes, you will feel safe to run for as long as you like! The secons-skin-touch makes you move freely and perform at your best.


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FOR runners by runners

leggings for runners

We focus on leggings for performance and running but they are used by everyone who wants great fit, quality and sustainable sportswear. Designed in Sweden and produced in selected European factories.

leggings with extra care

we focus on the details

Every item is developed over long time and adjusted, tested and enhanced together with runners and athletes to secure best performance. The prints are hand-made by our design team in Sweden and the materials are carefully selected from European suppliers. We take pride in choosing sustainable and high quality material and we add the extra details that makes the clothes stand out in design, function and fit.