heaven is limitless. Just like you.

Heaven is limitless - but this is a limited edition ;)

your are limitless

heaven is limitless and so are you.

unique and fabulous


So much talk about limitations. But we believe the only limit is set by ourselves - so let's agree that there are no limits and that heaven is yours!

Midsummer is full of love. The endless sun, a nature in full blossom, and a blue sky filled with the most beautiful choir of singing birds. It's worth a tribute - and ours is to dedicate the HEAVEN Collection to the amazing upcoming midsummer weekend.

Just like all our collections and prints, the HEAVEN Collection is made in-house by our own design team in Sweden. The idea behind the pattern and colors came from a tropical bird that Power Woman's founder and creator, Anna, fell in love with. The HEAVEN Collection is made by an artist, who by hand painted this print in Aquarelle. We translated it into a very advanced multilayered AI-file to get the true depth in colors. The collection was made in a small exclusive batch that took x-tra long developing time, since it required an advanced printing technology.

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