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We believe in the power that emerges when you have the courage to look past the boundaries of what you thought possible. We believe that there are no limits to how far you can go – whatever your goal – and in the happiness you will find on your way there.

Here at Power Woman, we are building a community where women support each other. To us, the most important thing is helping women recognize and reinforce their own potential, while feeling beautiful and strong. During training, as well as in life as a whole. 


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Our products are designed with the female body in mind. They provide support in all the right places to make every Power Woman athlete feel strong, fast and beautiful.


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Introduction to open water swimming

Introduction to open water swimming

Open water swimming is a challenging sport that requires good physical fitness, endurance and technical skills. It is important to be familiar with the local weather and water conditions. In general, it is not recommended to swim alone but with others, which also makes for a more enjoyable experience and workout!
What to think about before a long bike race?

What to think about before a long bike race?

"My advice before cycling Vätternrundan is to set a reasonable goal. If it is the first time, "getting around" is a great goal. If you want to do it again later, the goal can be to be better than the first time. The feeling when I came to the finish line after my first Vätternrundan was priceless and I felt that I could do absolutely anything! I signed up and joined Team Rynkeby Sthlm and cycled to Paris the following year."
Martina on her first cycling race!

Martina on her first cycling race!

"This will be my first bike race and I know that I will be very nervous and I will probably doubt my ability along the way, but I will do it anyway. The will is greater than the fear and that feeling is powerful."


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