More and more people in Scandinavia and other northern parts of the world are starting to discover the pleasure of regularly taking an ice bath. Despite giving you a great relaxing feeling it strengthens both your body and soul. For you who is considering trying out and Ice Bath for the first time, we have collected a number of good tips on how to get the best start. And if you already enjoying the pleasure of ice bathing we have collected some tips to make the pleasure even greater. 


For the beginner we have listed the following tips and recommendations. Both for pleasure but also for security reasons. 

How to prepare for the first Ice Bath

  1. Make sure you are warm before you get into the ice bath. Dress in warm and cozy clothes and drink something nice and warm like tea, coffee or chocolate.

  2. Prepare for afterwards with a nice and thick towel and the clothes you want to were coming up from the water. Put them in the order you want to use them and make sure they are easy to reach. Don't forget a warm hat like a beanie, that will help get warm quicker after the bath. 

  3. Take it easy and slow and make sure to breathe calm and steady walking in and out of the water. Your body will start inhaling heavily when you get into the cold water so make sure to breathe out. Try to stay calm and breathe regularly.

  4. Make sure to keep track of time. Don't stay in the water too long even if it feels nice after a while. 

  5. Walk slowly out of the water and dress quickly with your well-prepared dry clothes. Drink something warm after getting dressed. 


  • Take pre-cautions if you have a high blood pressure or any heart diseases. Make a consultation with you doctor before starting with ice bathing.  

  • Never go swimming alone. If you don't have a friend that is equally curious on Ice bathing, make sure to have someone watching over you from land. 

  • Keep your head, hands and feet warm by using a hat, gloves and bathing shoes. If you don't have bathing shoes you can use a pair of socks. 

  • Bring a thermometer to measure the water temperature. 

  • Before going into the bath, make sure to take 10 deep breaths to get you breathing under control.

  • Have something warm prepared, e.g. towel, to stand on coming up from the water. We recommend to wear comfortable clothes with loose fit after the bath. Make sure they are dry.  

  • We recommend you drink something immediately after the bath, preferably something warm.

  • Your body temperature can continue to decline after the bath so make sure that you don't spend too long time in the water.



  1. Focus on you breathing, breath in and breath out. Focus on a steady and calm rhythm. Take 10 deep breaths before going into the water.

  2. Prepare your clothes in the order you want to put them on coming up from the water. Wool clothes with loose fit are the best.

  3. Be decisive - just go for it. 

  4. Use shoes and gloves in neopren or wool. Wear something on your head!

  5. Use something warm to stand on after the bath. 

  6. Walk slowly into to bath, lower your body to the water. Relax and enjoy! 

  7. Never alone. Always in company.

  8. Drink something hot after the bath.

  9. Focus on the how you body feels after the bath.

  10. Make it into a habit, over time your body will become used to it. 
March 03, 2024 — Power Woman