Cross-country skiing

Sweating outdoors has many benefits, you become more alert and less frustrated and depressed from working out. Hitting the slopes is as good for your buttons as it is for your body. Cardio training is getting more and more attention for the long-term effects - that we get a stronger heart and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Our energy balance improves, so that we maintain weight more easily and prevent diabetes. Fat burning improves, we get a better mood and build up a strong immune system. The power of riding in the winter sun should not be underestimated. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to weak bones, and the sun is an excellent source of the necessary vitamin. Research conducted at the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research shows that you can reduce your risk of catching the flu by 20-30 percent by being active in the winter cold. Research from Northern Arizona University shows that runners who regularly run in the cold can become 29 percent faster.

Exercise for the whole body

Cross-country skiing is good for the heart and lungs!
If you want to get in better shape, cross-country skiing is one of the best forms of exercise! Not only do you work many muscles at once, which puts a good strain on the heart and lungs, you also get natural interval training when climbing hills. The biggest difference between cross-country skiing and many other endurance sports, such as running and cycling, is to activate the upper body as well! The load during cross-country skiing varies from the first to the last stroke and the heart rate changes in step with the changing terrain. So you don't just have to stand in the gym if you want strong arms and back, it's great to find forms of training outdoors that build strength and power. Skiing itself can also give you strong legs in general, but climbing up slopes with skis also gives you a strong back and butt. Not only that, you tense your core muscles and that strengthen them as well. Cross-country skiing is gentle exercise with minimal risk of injury. Cross-country skiing does not wear out the knees and other joints to the same degree as running, which is why it is super during pregnancy or in case of injuries.

On the picture Ursula Weber from Bavaria in Germany. 

Ursula is a Triathlete and train swimming, running, cycling, gym, cx skiing and snowboard in the winter.  Ursula love Power Woman cause it is "classy comfort" and have beautiful designs, especially the Primo Feather Collection for cycling and the new Pastel Leo prints. "You see too many black cycling shorts so it´s time for some color. Doing sports is much more fun when you look good and you feel better in comfortable beautiful clothes. - There should be more Power Women out there!" Instagram @ursula.triala

December 14, 2022 — Anna Wretling