We are back to sharing stories of inspiring Power Women in our blog!
First up is Vera Pereira Almeida - by her own words, a 44 year old sports enthusiast & coffee lover. Vera is a great example of women supporting women and how finding a community and  the right people cheering on you, can motivate you to overcome the challenges in life.

Vera shared her story about struggling with low self-esteem and mental health  in her early adult life and how she finally found an anchor for her inner peace through sports, after becoming a mother.

Vera -Supernova

During the school years, I was never the typical “pretty girl” in the class, nor the most popular. I always felt off the radar, often the last choice for sports teams at school, always bothered by my slimness.

But life had even greater challenges in store for me. I faced a Major Depressive Disorder that left me on the brink, a battle that led me to the hospital and triggered binge eating that transformed my body and mind. I gained 20 kgs in a month, fought against late-onset acne due to hormonal imbalances caused by heavy medication.

It was a period where I barely recognized myself in the mirror, where every glance was a confrontation with an inner monster.

It was a lonely and painful journey of rebuilding, where each step was a battle for self-esteem and life itself.

But I didn’t give up.
Even without feeling proud of that battle, I rose.

Over 20 years ago, mental health was a taboo, but today I know that my overcoming is a testimony of strength and resilience.

Motherhood brought new challenges, new changes in body and mind. It was only after becoming a mother that I found in sports an anchor for my inner peace.
It was a long road, over a year to regain pre-pregnancy weight, but each step was a victory.

Sports brought me not only physical fitness but also serenity and confidence and I met some good people who showed me that I had a place there, that my achievements were valid and inspiring.

Still, there are moments when I shrink, where the shadow of comparison threatens to extinguish my light.
Social media sometimes becomes a battlefield where every result, every workout is scrutinized and compared.

But I choose to believe in the power of community, in the sisterhood that unites us.

In Power Woman, we find a refuge, a space where empowerment is our banner, where we applaud each other’s achievements without judgment, without comparison.

No woman is my competition, for together we are stronger, more powerful.
Every step, every victory is a tribute to our resilience, to our ability to overcome and inspire other women.
Together, we are unstoppable.

Vera in Power Woman Tee & shorts

 We asked  Vera  a few questions about her favorite sports, what advice she would give to a younger version of herself and of course which are her favorite Power Woman clothes.


What sport was it that got you started to regain your self-esteem after that tough period in your life?

When faced with an extra 20kgs during my battle with depression, sports weren’t yet part of my life’s fabric. I dabbled in aerobic classes to shed weight, but it was only after becoming a mother that I committed to consistent exercise. It took me some time to choose a sport that I liked, but spurred on by some co-workers, I took up running. That’s where it truly began. Realizing I could push my body and mind’s boundaries played a pivotal role in my reconstruction.

If you could travel in time and say something to that younger version of you that was struggling, what would it be?

The future you wants to thank you for not giving up. Keep fighting, you’ll be amazed by what lies ahead.


Vera wearing  Edge Sport Top

You seem to be so good at cheering in and supporting, other women- do you have any tips for others how to become better at supporting each other and not get stuck in the comparison?

Once I read a quote that went like this: ‘There are women that will never support you because it’s you. Then there are women who will always support you because it’s you. You just have to find your girls.’ And I couldn’t agree more. Look for your tribe, seek out people who challenge you and help you grow. And, above all, repay that support by helping other women. When we support each other, everything else falls into place naturally.

 What is your favorite type of sport right now?

I’ve taken a hiatus from triathlons to explore new challenges. Regardless of the discipline, I embrace endurance.

What type of training do you enjoy the most?

Swimming is my sanctuary. It’s solitary, yet the rhythmic sound of my body gliding through water brings me tranquility. And lately, rediscovering the joys of running and trail running has been a balm for my soul. Being immersed in nature, unconcerned with pace, is truly therapeutic.

Vera in Tri Swimsuit- Pink Leo

What are your favorite garments from Power Woman?

Power Woman’s swimsuits are simply incredible. The vibrant colors and comfortable designs make them a standout favorite. And their running shorts definitely earn a spot on my podium of favorites as well!

You can follow Vera’s inspiring and motivational content on Instagram @vera_pereira_almeida

März 08, 2024 — Stina Elena Henriksson