Power Woman Marika Wagner competes for Team Power Women in EX22 Sprint Edition

Power Woman Marika Wagner tritt für das Team Power Woman bei der EX22 Sprint Edition an

Die Multisportlerin und Abenteurerin Marika Wagner wird für das Team Power Woman beim EX22 Swimrun Supersprint am 11. und 12. Juni 2022 in Stockholm antreten. Marika ist ein bekannter Profi und Trainerin im Multisport. Sie nimmt an Wettkämpfen in den Bereichen Adventure Racing, Swimrun und Mountainbike teil und hat Goldmedaillen bei der Åre Extreme Challenge und Ö till Ö gewonnen.

The multi-athlete and adventurer Marika Wagner competes for Team Power Woman in the EX22 Swimrun Supersprint on 11th-12th June2022 in Stockholm. Marika is a well-known profile and coach in multisport and competes in Adventure racing, Swimrun and Mountain bike with gold medals from both Åre Extreme Challenge and ÖtillÖ. As a coach, Marika looks at the whole of life and the importance of doing what you are passionate about and dream of.

"A Power Woman is someone who stands firm in her choices and priorities, who seeks challenges but who always takes others along the way and lifts them." 

Marika is the multi-athlete who does not shy away from a challenge that involves resistance. In the form of nature, challenges or tough competition. The super sprint is at least 24 hours too short for Marika's taste, but we know that she will still give her best all the way. Marika is most motivated by fighting for a team and is therefore extra happy to represent Team Power Woman in the Super Sprint at EX22 Spring Edition.

Marika Wagner bikes in desert

Marika trains and competes in both Multisport, Adventure Racing (which means multi-day competitions) and Swimrun. And then she throws in some MTB races if she has time, just because it's so much fun.

Marika's goal is always to continue to be faster and stronger and perform her best. She has been extremely active since childhood and through curiosity she started with triathlon and road cycling, which was the way to Swimrun and multisport, MTB cycling came in handy.

Marika Wagner with her bike

We asked Marika why she has such a great passion for Swimrun and answered was easy for her:

  • Freedom: That there is a feeling that I can be anywhere and discover forest and archipelago.
  • Nature: Beautiful places that I get to be close to in different weather.
  • Team sport: Giving everything together as a team, beats everything else.

With such a CV, it is easy to wonder what the next challenge is on the wish list. The answer from Marika is simple.

“I would like to take on a really long Swimrun. But also challenge me to do even better in several of the races I have loved.”

In other words, we look forward to Saturday when we get to see Marika give her best in the Team Power Woman suit.

Photo Courtesy: Otto Norin