Anna and Jenny describe themselves as two sports nerds, who got to know each other through the joint SwimRun club and both train and compete together, in the latest competition ÖtillÖ in September 2022, the couple came in 3rd place!

Anna Jenny Ingela Supervasan

When Jenny was in 2021 asked to be part of the Oscar Olsson’s team, she was completely set on driving the entire distance on her own. But given the short preparation time (1 month before the race), reality caught up, and she then chose to instead create a super women's team with Anna on bike and Ingela Gahn on roller skis and Jenny herself on a run. But Anna and Jenny wanted to embrace the challenge again and decided to go for the race again.

The autumn preparations included some brick passes on roller skis and bicycles before winter. Anna is the more advanced skier while Jenny has cycled. The big challenge for both is to see how the body reacts after so many hours. Jenny has competed for a maximum of 15 hours in a mountain race in the Alps and Anna has about the same experience. And they are aware that the risk of injury increases.

For equipment and planning, they have received help from Oscar, as well as Martin Belak who is Anna's spouse. It needs to be carefully planned both around sports equipment but also nutrition throughout the day. The duo has tried their hand but also received advice and help from other talented athletes on how best to make the energy last during such long races. The energy replenishment includes everything such as almond paste, various pancakes and jam sandwiches.

Supervasan's manifesto is "To encourage an active lifestyle with health and exercise for one's own health through challenges from one's own conditions". The duo supports the manifesto and as part of the race, the duo conducts a fundraiser for the benefit of A HEALTHY GENERATION - an organization that works for equal health for all children and young people! The goal is to get in SEK 100 / km, which means a total of SEK 27,400!

Jenny's biggest fear is how it will feel to run 90 km with just over 9o km of cycling and 90 km of roller skis in her legs. She has run this distance on 5 occasions but always on fresh legs. There is also a fear of falling and injuring her finger - which she broke earlier this spring. But she is convinced that Anna's constantly happy mood will make the race both easier and more fun when they take on the historical path. If the duo reaches the finish line, they will be the first women's team to succeed in the challenge.


Established by Oscar Olsson when he took on the challenge in the autumn of 2020. The record time is 16h 35min which Oscar set in June 2021, when 3 challenger teams, 1 women's team, 1 men's team and 1 mixed team participated.

The Supervasan includes:

  • Sälen- Mora Roller skis 90 km
  • Mora - Sälen MTB 94 km
  • Sälen - Mora Trail opening 90 km

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Juni 04, 2022 — Cecilia Hjertzell