Sofia Danielsson
Instagram @Workoutsofia


Principal, but also coaches group training and running sessions.


Goal with my training:

I train because I feel so good about it. Exercise is my way of replenishing energy, recharging the power and strength within me. I like to either push myself on a hard interval workout or run a round in the woods without tracking times or distances.

What is a Power Woman for me?

To me, power woman is courage, strength and power. The courage to prioritize oneself and being kind to oneself. I build up that feeling of power within myself!

Favorite garment from Power Woman and why?

My favorite garments are Run Hot Shorts and Run Hot Top. The shorts and top are awesome looking together and I really feel like a power woman wearing them.

Describe some background about your coaching and maybe a few words about the 50-day challenge you do?

One day a week I hold a session where anyone who wants can come and run intervals with me. I coach through an app and everyone participates digitally. The session is 30 minutes long and during the entire session I coach, push and cheer on the participants. Really fun!
In May, I started a challenge on instagram, #runstreaktillmidsommar. There were 50 days left until Midsummer's Eve when we started. Today we are over 40 participants who run together every day. The goal is to complete the run streak, the the time or speed is not important. We have a document where everyone writes down their distances and it is very fun to follow each other. I can promise a real motivation booster.

Why do runners ”hit the wall” on races ?

The times I have done that during a race I usually have run out of energy or got issues with the stomach. Everyone who has ever hit-the-wall knows what I mean.

My best tips to avoid ”hitting the wall” on races are:

-Bring some sweets. I love salty candies and often carry salty sticks with me. A perfect way to get salt and sugar is to bring candy and have something to long for during the race. I usually take something to eat every 5 km.
-Drink Resorb the day before the race and a Resorb three to four hours before the race - that is a safe card if it gets very hot or if it is difficult to drink during the race.
-Eat as usual the day before and on race day. this way you run on the food that you know works. If you suddenly change food habits and eat a lot of fiber for example, there is a great risk  you get stomach issues and that you want to avoid.

If you hit-the-wall anyway, how should you handle it?

It is hard and tough to run races so listen to the body's and signals before it's too late. Slow down and try to get something to eat!
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