On October 6-8, this years Ironman World Championship will take place at Kona, Hawaii. One of the competing athletes is Camilla Runfors from Sweden. This gastro surgeon and mother of three har turned "commuting training" into a life style in order to get the life schedule to work. 

Camilla Runfors finishing Stockholm Marathon Power Woman Blog

”I'm dependent of training for my well-beeing!” – Camilla Runfors

Camilla's training background, that has lead her to the starting line at Kona Beach, is broad. During her childhood, all types of team sports was getting most of her attention taking her to a quite high level of football and floorball. During her medical education, Camilla started to focus more on endurance sports and running soon became her favorite training. A coupe of years ago, Camilla decided to do a focused training program with clear set goals. She then realized that her dream goals was clearly within reach.

”With age comes perseverance and grit, so I continue to push my limits. I can't stop my self from going forward and try to push the limit”

Camilla Runfors triathlet in tri bikini suit from Power Woman

That Camilla, started to do triathlon, was by no coincidence. Long before the sport became well-known in Sweden, Camilla's family had the yearly summer competition in "Swim-Bike-Run" that Camilla happily attended. And the rest was yet to come - a number of races completed and a disciplined schedule to get the extensive amount of training into the life puzzle. Camilla favours ultra races with traditions in particular. "I get tears in my eyes when I watch Stockholm Marathon or Vasaloppet on TV. Almost even more emotional than when I attend the race mysel", says Camilla. ”It is something very special with the community, the dedication and the collective fighting-spirit. But also the total devotion and the extreme exhaustion. It is really beautiful in a certain way."

Camilla Runfors Ironman Kalmar Award Power Woman

To experience a world championship and its special atmosphere is perhaps not too unexpected what Camilla is most looking forward to with the competition at Hawaii. She tries not to put too much focus on the competition it self, and instead she sees it a unique experience and a great honor to participate. She is also looking forward to experience the nature at Big Island, Hawaii.

The greatest challenge, she believes, is going to be the heat. To travel from a cold October-Stockholm and immediately stand on the starting line for a competition in scorching sun among the black laca fields, is really hard to practice for and equally hard to defend against. Her own super recipe for preparation is spelled - b e e t r o o t  j u i c e. This juice is something Camilla have as a given ingredient in her preparations before a long race. Whether it is a placebo effect or not, she can't really say, but nor can she do without it. Other ingredients for her preparations is regular sleeping and eating, but besides that Camilla doesn't have any special routines. However the night before the race she knows that it will be hard to fall asleep and then it helps to have a week of good nights' sleep to rely on. To travel with the bike will be a new experience for Camilla, that we might will get the chance to come back to. 

Triathlet Camilla Runfors on bike Power Woman

No matter how the bike transportation will pass, we are convinced that Camilla will get a fantastic experience. We want to wish Camilla best of luck and look forward to follow the continuous journey. Remember - the sky is not the limit.

Camilla's best tips for "commuting training"

Camilla has turned "commuting training" into a life style in order to find time for the training in the over all life puzzle. She utilizes the way to and from work for the her extensive training.

Camilla's best tips for: 

  1. Make up your mind the night before. Prepare your training clothes. 

  2. Get up from bed. After that - half the job is done. 
    To make up my mind in the morning has never worked for me. Then I just press the snooze button and let the nice, warm bed win. It never fails! 

  3. Find a good distance between your home and work. 
    • Running: I happen to have 12 km  a perfect distance to work. It is good for running in all sorts of ways (power walk, jog, or interval).
    • Cykling: As direct transport or with some extra turns for a linger distance (and earlier wake up call). 
    • Swimming: It shorter workout session in the swim hall (convenient located to my way to work). Open-Water training I always do with a companion, so in evenings or week-ends during spring and summer. 
September 29, 2022 — Cecilia Hjertzell