We have interviewed Lina Bäcke, the woman in the pictures for our new collection JOY. Lina is 38 years old and works as a sales and marketing manager and coach at Ignite Training Hub in Stockholm. Lina comes from Dalarna but lives in Sthlm since 15 years ago. After a year in Marbella where she started her own training business (Coaching by Lina), she is now back in Stockholm and has bought a house in Danderyd. Lina has two daughters, Cleo, 4.5 years old, and Bonnie, 2.5 years old, so she is busy not only at work but also at home. Lina absolutely loves training and has worked with training and health as a coach, personal trainer, online coaching and group training for about 10 years. She is also trained in pregnancy and mothers-training, which she is really passionate about. "The female body is so awesome" - says Lina and we can only agree!

Can you tell us about your training background? When did you start working out, what and why?

  • I have been working out for as long as I can remember. Started with team sports as a 4-year-old and continued throughout my upbringing (there wasn't much else to do in Mora). After the university in Uppsala, I began my journey towards a healthier lifestyle where exercise and health became a large part of my everyday life. I trained as a group coach and personal trainer and then expanded my license with a number of different specializations. I began to find my "calling" in life. I discovered running for real when I happened to win the Spring Rush 2017, one of Sweden's biggest running races for women. I didn't really know that I had that capacity haha!

What are you training today and why?

  • Today there will be a lot of group training and gym. Especially since I recently started at Ignite, where they run awesome classes focused on HIIT (High intensity interval training), which I love. I like to vary my training."

Do you have a goal with your training?

  • To feel well! Stay in shape and be strong to cope with everyday life with two children and all that that entails. Running is still a passion but not at elite level anymore. I do run a race from time to time, most recently it was a Fjällopp in Åre, Ottsjö 12k where I came fourth.

What is most important to you when it comes to health in general?

  • Balance in life is absolutely the most important thing to me. Exercise to feel good and thrive in your body, but also eat and drink well. I love food and great wine!

You work with customers, what is the most common thing you get to help your customers with?

  • Finding a balanced lifestyle. Long-term goals are important, not the quick fixes. Many people want to get started, get in shape and come back after a pregnancy. I know how difficult it can be to combine family life with career, friends and training. My goal is to help and support my clients to find a balanced, healthy lifestyle that works in everyday life.

What do you think more women should exercise or think about?

  • I am generally very interested in the female body and have many years of experience in training pregnant and post-pregnant women. A strong core is the foundation of everything. Both before and after a pregnancy, it is important to build a basic strength in the core. I have also noticed that many women are afraid to do heavy strength training because they are afraid of getting "too big". That is really a myth and something I always try to disprove. Heavy strength is great to include in your training, both for the purpose of building muscle, but also for burning fat.

How do you think about fitness vs. strength?

  • The combination is the key.  I would say I train 50/50 of both.

If you could only do one type of sport what would it be and why?

  • That is a difficult choice, but I probably have to say running. It's fun, approachable and I know I'm good at it.

If you could only choose one piece of equipment at the gym, which one would it be and why?

  • Dumbbells. You can get an incredible variety in training with dumbbells and train the whole body.

Is there something new you would like to try?

  • Yes, I would like to try Hale's classes, it is a relatively new place in Stockholm that focuses on teaching "breathwork". We will be starting Hale classes at Ignite in February, which will be exciting to try.

You can follow Lina on her instagram @linabacke


February 16, 2023 — Anna Wretling