‘I’m in better shape at 55 than when I was 20’ 

Mimoushka Kion, a 55-year-old Spartan and Hyrox athlete, still finds it odd to call herself a World Champion. ‘It always feels like I am bragging. I just have a lot of passion for what I do, and the results are secondary,’ Mimouska explains. However, a World Champion, she is; having conquered both the Spartan and Hyrox World Championships (funtional fitness races) in  her age group in 2019 and 2022 and now also in 2023.

Born in the Netherlands, Mimoushka had always been athletic. Weekly competitions at the local tennis club, where she promptly vanquished girls several years older than herself, led to a career as a professional tennis player in her early 20’s. ‘I was raised by two older brothers, which toughened me up quickly,’ Mimoushka jokes. ‘Those older girls didn’t seem so scary anymore!’
Mimsouhka left sports to raise her two daughters in Spain, but the competitive itch refused to die out. While first gaining a solid base as a personal trainer, specifically focusing on helping older clients find their potential and reclaim their athleticism, she stumbled upon the Spartan Race. ‘I immediately knew this was something for me. Being competitive has always been in my blood and pushing my body to the limit felt exhilarating.’ Shortly after, Hyrox Functional Fitness Racing started picking up steam in Europe, and Mimoushka was the first to hop on the bandwagon.’What I love about Hyrox is that the competition is very measurable! You can push yourself by setting new time and obstacle goals. The biggest competition I am in is the one with myself, honestly!’ 
When you think of someone in their fifties, someone with Mimoushka’s long, lean physique (and impressive abs!) may not immediately come to mind. However, at 54, Mimoushka has never felt better. ‘I am in way better shape now than when I was competing in my 20’s. Physically, of course, but especially mentally. In the preparation leading up to my races, I am able to be laser focused. Everything else falls away, and I just work on being in tune with my body. There’s no reason why you can’t be in the best shape of your life in your fifties!’  

Mimoushka's tips for "older" individuals embracing training

Drawing from her own experiences, Mimoushka offers valuable insights and tips for those embarking on their fitness journey later in life:


Mind-Body Connection:

‘It’s so important to listen carefully to your body, especially as an older athlete. A lot of my clients are spurred into action by an injury or by weight gain, but they have ignored their body’s signals for years. By a strong connection between the mind and body and remaining conscious of its needs, you can address any issues before they become major obstacles to your progress.’ 


Embrace Strength Training:

‘One common misconception among my clients, especially women, is the fear that weight training will lead to bulkiness. On the contrary, maintaining and building muscles is essential as you age. It provides a solid foundation for overall strength, balance, and functionality.’  


Age is Just a Number:

‘I really try to never make excuses for why I can’t do something based on my age. If I had done that, I would never have made it to the World Championships! If you’re constantly fighting age, it will cost you a lot of energy. I like to approach my body in a playful way, constantly seeking balance and discovering new ways to challenge it.’  

 Find Your Passion:

‘I don’t expect my clients to love Hyrox and Spartan Racing like I do! For some, they want to be able to play a full match of tennis on the weekends without pain, and others challenge themselves by setting new personal records in weight training or running. By exploring different sports and activities to find what resonates with you, training will never feel like a chore, but rather something you look forward to!’ 


Seek Community and Support:

‘I would never have been able to achieve what I have without my team. One of the reasons I love HYROX is because it offers a supportive community of athletes who share your challenges and are working towards the same goal. When you find your crew, working hard is way more fun!’ 

Feel Confident:

‘Last but not least, I love the Power Woman clothes. They are super supportive, comfortable, and really make me look and feel my best. Feeling confident while training is the biggest motivation; and I feel extra proud to be a woman and powerful at the same time. That’s what wearing the Power Woman clothes does to me!
Mimoushka wore the Power Woman Atlethic Team clothes at the Hyrox Championships, you can find them here.
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July 01, 2023 — Stina Elena Henriksson