Is a swim cap necessary? The answer is YES!

There are so many reasons why a swim cap is necessary when swimming. We have listed some of the many reasons and we hope that after reading this your answer to the question whether it is necessary to wear a swim cap will be equally YES! Some think that swim caps are uncomfortable but the benefits by far outweigh the disadvantages that comes with the swim cap. So read our #10 best reasons and we’re convinced you will wear a swim cap next time you go for a swim.

#1 Makes you go faster

If you wear the swim cap correctly it will help you reduce your water resistance and increase the hydrodynamics. Hydrodynamics is measured by the amount of drag you experience while swimming. With a swim cap, you can decrease your drag underwater. Or easily put – the swim cap helps you go faster in water!

#2 Keeps your hair dry

It might sound a bit odd, but this is actually the most common reason why swimmers wear swim caps. Since the hair absorbs much water, it can be really frustrating to have water dripping all over. Even if your swim cap doesn’t totally keep water from reaching your hair, it reduces the amount of water and it is much better than without.

#3 Protects your hair

Most pools are treated with various chemicals to reduce the growth of bacteria and microbes to keep the users safe. The chemicals in the pool are notorious for damaging hair turning a smooth, silky hair into something thick and straw-like. There are hair products that help remove chlorine from your hair but always wearing a swim cap in pool is a great way of protecting your hair. Silicone and latex swim caps are the best at keeping your hair dry and a bit safer from chlorine damages.

#4 Keep hair away from your face

It is just awful getting the hair all over your face while swimming. For those of you with long hair, the swim cap will help to keep your hair out of your face when you swim. This not only helps you see better and know where you’re going. It also helps you breathe easier. Try to take a breath around a mouthful of wet hair isn’t’ easy. With your hair packed into a swim cap you will have no worries with hair spilling in front of your vision and you will for sure be able to breath freely.

#5 Caring for the pool

There is nothing worse than getting someone else’s hair caught in your fingers or on your face while swimming. Well, that hair that lands on someone can be yours if you don’t wear a swim cap. So, the best way to care for the pool and its users is by using a swim cap. Imagine having strands of hair coming towards you while swimming. The swim cap helps to prevent hair from littering the water and your co-swimmers.

#6 Be visible to your fans

During races both in pool and in open water having a swim cap will be the best way of letting your fans/friends/family spot you in the water. You know everyone looks the same in the water, but a swim cap in bright color will help you stand out of the crowd.

#7 Stay safe in open water

Visibility is not just important for the ones cheering for you. This is also really important for safety in open water swimming. A swim cap in bright colors helps you stick out of the background color of the water and making you visible to boats but also to lifeguards and other swimmers.

#8 It helps you stay warm

Some swim caps are thick and non-porous They can serve as an insulator, keeping the head warm in the chilling water. Your hands, feet, and head lose heat before the rest of your body and when training in cold water, it’s important to keep warm.
The Secret Pro tip from our athletes that swim open water in cold waters. Use two swim caps on top of each other!

#9 Protects your ears

Otitis externa is common among swimmers and can cause severe problems over time. Wearing a swim cap reduces the risk for otitis externa, since the swim cap is reducing the amount of water your ears get in contact with. The swim cap also helps keep the earplugs in place during the swim.   

#10 Because the swim cap looks great and give you superpowers

Power Woman’s swim caps are made in silicone suede, a long-lasting and exclusive material with a matt finish. Our swim caps are soft and stays in place. Our Swedish design team has filled them with superpowers, with a gorgeous combination of quotes and colors. The swim caps are produced in a Spanish manufacturing site, specialized in high-tech swim wear.

May 01, 2024 — Cecilia Hjertzell