So summer is over but there is no reason not to keep on swimming and bathing outdoors all year round! In autumn, the water still holds a good temperature, so for you who hasn't taken a cold plunge before, this is a good time to to start with a regular swim. Doing so you will get into the routines that will make the cold bath a true pleasure in winter. 

Swimming in autumn is so special. It’s truly meditative to take a swim in a calm lake with still, shiny water. To breath in the crispness in the air, and to afterwards sit on a pier or a rock, and feel how the heat is spreading within your body. A pleasure for soul and body!

Here are our best tips on how to get started and make cold bath into a strengthening routine in your life: 

  • Use a towel to stand on when you take off your shoes and socks.  The feet get cold easily if they have to stand naked on the cold surface. You can also bath with a wool-sock.
  • Step in carefully and breathe calmly.  Try to stay in the water for 1-2 minutes and continue breathing calmly.
  • Use a hat/beanie to save heat
  • Drink something warm after the bath.
  • Avoid cold baths on the same day as high-intensity workouts or if you feel sick.
  • Feel free to bring a friend along, especially when you are swimming in colder water and it is deep.
  • Don't rush away after the bath, sit for a while afterwards with warm clothes and enjoy.

At Team Power Woman Athletic Club we have a cold bath challenge going on until end of year. So join us @teampowerwoman_official. The challenge is to swim once a week until the New Year. Tag us with pictures and your best practice so we can share moments, experiences and knowledge.

 //Julia Liv @julialiv.walerych

October 16, 2022 — Anna Wretling