Jadranka Lanfjord is a triathlete and for her, triathlon is an important part of her life as it is like medicine, it helps her in her grief processing after her husband's sudden passing. Jadranka is member of the board of Power Woman Athletic Club and has used Power Woman's clothes since the beginning when she simultaneously started training for "Cykelvasan" and Power Woman launched their first cycling clothes. "Once you've tried these garments, you don't want to wear anything else," says Jadranka. Her favorite items are the leggings because she uses them in everyday life even when she is not training. Her favorite leggings are ”POW Heaven Rainbow" with colors that lift her up!

Jadranka loves running like many others, but she knows that often people find it hard and difficult to get started. Therefore, Jadranka shares her best advices that may help the doubter increase the joy and enjoyment of running.

Here are six simple ways to make running easier and more joyful

1. Slow down
It's ok to run slowly! It is ok to mix walking and running, especially on longer runs or between interval training. If you find it difficult to keep your heart rate down, combine running with walking and you will notice a big difference over time. Most people who train for longer races count "time on their feet" instead of distance so if you run and walk in laps, you will get good results in the long run.

2. Fuel
Drink a little throughout the day rather than gulping a liter of water just before a run. The same applies to food, don't eat a large portion of food right before the run, wait at least 2 hours before getting out.

3. Breath
Being out of breath while running doesn't mean you're out of shape, it could mean you're inhaling too much and not exhaling enough air. The exhalation is as important as the inhalation, almost more important because air always comes in naturally:) Breath with your belly to get enough oxygen. Breath loudly!

4. Gear
Great clothes and shoes make running more comfortable and enjoyable. When it comes to shoes, it is important that you find shoes that suit you, try on shoes that you are comfortable with and that suit your purposes. Are you going to run on asphalt or in the forest and are you a beginner or experienced and how far should you run? Regarding clothes, they should support your movement and you should feel free. Clothes should be tight and not flutter, and build layers upon layers so you can adjust the temperature. Often you dress too warm, so it's better to wear less in the beginning of the training instead of getting to hot.

5. Friends
Friends make life more enjoyable and the same goes for running. It may not be physically easier, but it is usually mentally easier if you run together.

 6. Make a plan
If you have a plan or goal it will be more fun and motivating. If you run the same speed, the same lap, the same day, etc….it will eventually get boring. Vary distance, speed, terrain and intensity. If you enjoy setting goals, do it, if not see running as your spare time to get out and connect with nature. 

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March 31, 2023 — Anna Wretling