Running shorts for women, we know what we talk about.

- Top 10 most important things when it comes to Running Shorts -

As a female runner, there are some things that are more important than others when it comes to running shorts. We hear daily that women are dissatisfied with the way running tights and running shorts fit, so we have listed the most common requests.

Top ten wishlist

1. They stay up and don't creep down
2. They hold tight so that nothing moves
3. They don't give chafing on the inside of your thighs
4. They sit still on the leg
5. They avoid "camel-toe"
6. They have great stretch so you can move freely
7. They absorb moisture and dry quickly
8. They last for wear and tear
9. They enhance your performance 
10. They are good-looking and makes you feel strong

We dare say that our Hot Shorts meet all these requirements.

We have seen so many women (and men) running marathons, ultra races, climbing mountains, roller skiing, hiking, swimming, swimming, etc. Common feedback from them is that we hear the praise over and over again about how well they fit and feel. We are incredibly proud to have produced such a fine product that pleases so many.

"My favorite garment right now is the Run Hot Shorts, which are not only stylish, but fit like a glove during the entire run. A lot of shorts have a tendency to bunch up at the inner thighs, but these fit amazingly well and I feel really strong when I run in them" - Nadja

How did we come up with the idea?

The shorts have their origin in the fact that Anna, who founded Power Woman herself, always ran in triathlon shorts because they were so comfortable. She then saw that other women were also running races in our triathlon pants. She simply redesigned our Triathlon short into a distinct running short with her requirements for "the perfect shorts for a female runner".

A story from runner Louise

"My favorite piece of clothing right now is definitely my Run Hot Shorts! Also Edge Run Shorts, but haven't had time to use them as much as my run hots! Run Hot Shorts fit like a glove, it becomes like an extra "skin" on the body. They don't chafe and stay in place throughout the run, nothing that slides up or down. It's something that I really appreciate, especially during longer runs. A plus is also that they dry really quickly, during the first km during the Idre Fjällmarathon last year I fell into a swamp and became completely wet. I thought in that minute - how is this going to work, to run another 40 km with wet shorts -  but after only a few kilometers they had dried! That´s great because I always run and take a dip in the sea afterwards. Then it's nice to be able to jump into the water with both shorts and a sports bra and run home again without it chafing! - Louise Sohlberg Siljefalk on picture

We are picky, we know what we want

The material we chose is made in Italy and is an exclusive endurance material. The factory where they are made cuts each short by hand and sews one by one. Each garment is also printed by hand, one by one, in the pattern that we ourselves have drawn with our designer. It is a fine craft that we are proud of and we hope you like them as much as we do!

We have deliberately chosen not to have pockets on these, as many want them to be clean of seams and fit tight. They should also work for swimming in and also for wearing under wetsuit. If you want a pocket, we have developed a pocket-belt that sits perfectly over the wide waistband. 

We hope you enjoy your run or wherever you use the shorts. Feel free to comment on your experiences with them!

Shorts for every occasion

We have several other models of shorts, they all fit well and follow the same idea. Some shorts have a longer length, Hot shorts are the shortest with an inside length in M of 19 cm, POW 21 cm, Edge 22 cm and JOY 25 cm. Only JOY has pockets on the sides. Common for all the shorts, except JOY, is that they have an elastic anti slip grip in the leg end that keeps the shorts in place.

You can find a pair that you think suits your wishes and the training you will be doing. Read more in our shorts guide.

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Match with accessories, socks and caps for the perfect runners outfit. 

Pictures from Idre Fjällmarathon Sweden 

April 21, 2023 — Anna Wretling