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More and more people in Scandinavia and other parts of the world are starting to discover the pleasure of regularly taking an ice bath or swim openwater in the winter. Despite giving you a great relaxing feeling it strengthens both your body and soul. For you who is considering trying out and Ice Bath for the first time, we have collected a number of good tips on how to get the best start.

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Tips from swimmer Cassandra Eliasson on how to prepare for Ice Bath sessions. Cassandra have done many openwater competitions, even those in -14 degree Celsius where she 2021 swam 400 meters in the ice cold water - without wetsuit. (instagram @cassandraeliasson)Mental preparations:The mental preparation is at least as important as the practical ones.  Get to know your body.  When the cold water reaches your skin, you need to resist the escape behavior that comes.  Your body will want to back off!  But then being prepared and mentally strong means you can stick to your decision and not let it stop you.  Become one with yourself. 


Focus on you breathing, breath in and breath out. Focus on a steady and calm rythm.

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1. Focus on you breathing, breath in and breath out. Focus on a steady and calm rythm. Take 10 deep breath before going into the water.
2. Prepare your clothes in the order you want to put them on coming up from the water. Wool clothes with loose fit are the best.
3. Be decisive - just go for it. 
4. Use shoes and gloves in neopren or wool.
5. Wear something on your head!
6. Use something warm to stand on after the bath. 
7. Walk slowly into to bath, lower your body to the water. Relax and enjoy! 
8. Never alone. Always in company.
9. Drink something hot after the bath. Focus on the how you body feels after the bath.
10. Make it into a habit, over time your body will become used to it. 

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Don't forget a warm hat like a beanie, that will help get warm quicker after the bath.