Merino Base Layer Leggings | Black


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Made from soft & breathable fabrics

Merino adjusts to your body temperature and stays warm even when you're wet or sweating. These performance base layer leggings feature a premium merino blend in a specialized knitting technique consisting of three layers that creates a 4-way stretch and provides breathability, temperature control, and moisture wicking to keep you fresh and dry all day long. A soft, elastic tape waistband, itch-free material, and flat, soft seams to ensure maximum comfort. High quality fabric and technical materials for comfort. Thanks to the natural materials, these leggings keep your body extra-warm in cold to very cold temperatures, while also working to neutralise odours. Well approved for running or any other endurance sport.

  • Breathable
  • 4-way stretch
  • No itching
  • High quality technical materials.
  • Perfect moisture and temperature regulation thanks to tree-layered structure
  • Combination of finest merino wool and high-quality functional materials
  • Shaped and cut for maximal performance
  • Extra soft seams to prevent chafing
  • Odour-neutralising effect