During this time of the year, we would like to highlight the importance of self love and how it affects your relationship to others.

Often moments, appreciating oneself, is undervalued and overlooked. Self love means appreciating yourself by taking care of your happiness and well-being. You can make self love grow within yourself, by taking actions that make you grow psychologically and spiritually. Having a high standard for yourself, taking care of your needs and not compromising or sacrificing in favor of what other people might think or need, are steps you can take in the journey towards self love. 

How do you perceive self love?

Everybody has a different way of evaluating self love. What might be self love to you, may not be the same for someone else. You must first find about your needs are and how to take care of them.

Self love could be the way you talk to and about yourself. What tone does your inner voice use when you think about yourself? Sometimes, you are your own worst enemy, and negative self talk is a clear example. It all comes from within, so if you talk to yourself with love, that is what you will project to others.

Self love can also be manifested by prioritizing yourself. Are you always putting someone else's needs before yours, even if that makes you uncomfortable? Before we can help others, we must be at peace with ourselves.

Being too harsh on yourself can also have a negative impact on your self love. Give yourself a break, nobody's perfect, nor should they be.

Self love also comes from self trust. Doubting on your capabilities can impact your self esteem. 

To have a healthy relationship with your inner self, it's ok to set boundaries. Putting yourself as a priority and staying true to those values can help you to achieve inner peace. However, don't forget self love is a process. Take small steps at a time.

How to take care of self love?

There are small actions that you can take, that if done daily, can help you be in a better state of mind. Meditating and breath control, taking care of what you eat and listening to your body can help align your body and mind.

Also, outdoor activities like swimming, running or just going for a walk in the park can help you raise your self love. Don't forget to live in the moment. If you go for a walk but are on your phone or thinking about work, it defeats the purpose.

The idea is to connect with nature and people around you, enjoy the moment and, ultimately, connect to your inner self.

It all starts from within

To begin practicing self love, start by thinking about what you want and need. Take care of the small things that make you happy and don't be hard of yourself when things don't go the way you expected. Relax, breathe, and indulge in healthy activities that make you feel at ease. 

Love your self!

March 24, 2022 — Power Woman