Autumn has arrived for sure, but the temperature is still pending between warm and cold. Nice and refreshing but at the same time somewhat of a challenge to get dressed for the run during the period between cold and warm.

Besides that, we are all different. Some people are warm while others are cold. Someone wants to run in shorts until the snow falls, while others leave the tights on all summer. Regardless of which category of people you belong to, there is one basic rule. You should be able to peel off or put on layers. If you're running a long run, you might stop during the ride, or the weather changes and then it's nice to be able to quickly adapt by taking off or putting on your clothes. To be able to do that, it is good to have thought through the clothes before the run.

A thin wind breaker is the rescue in many situations when it is mainly the wind that cools. Power Woman's thin windbreakers are made of a wind stopper material that breathes and stops the wind. They are easy to take along and designed to be able to build layers from underneath and thus provide extra warmth.

For those of you who are warm and sweat easily


For those who like to wear shorts long into the autumn season, it can be perfect to supplement with high compression socks during the cooler season. In addition to providing support for the legs, they warm, while feeling cool and light when the knees are free.


Tank top, sweater, wind vest and jacket

Instead of a thicker sweater, if you are warm, you can dress in a tank top and a t-shirt. The double layer that the tank top and tee form, provides a little more warmth through the air pocket created between the garments. Our functional tank tops and functional tees are designed to work well together in layers upon layers.

Power Woman Tank Top- Black

A long-sleeved half-zip is also a perfect garment on top of the tank top or functional shirt as it is easy to regulate the body temperature through the zipper even during the run itself. The t-shirt and jacket combination is also a very good combination as it provides the extra protection against the wind while keeping you cool and not at risk of getting hot. If you think it will be too hot with a jacket, a wind vest is a good alternative to prevent cooling of the upper body. It is important that the area around the lungs is protected against cold. Power Woman's running vests in wind-stopper material protect the body while keeping the arms cool and allowing full freedom of movement. In addition, the vest is a universal garment that works well to use throughout the year and for both running and cycling.

Hat, cap or buff

Power Woman Buff

On the head, it is nice to wear a cap as long as possible to also get protection from the sun on the face. Power Woman's caps have a mesh back to keep them cool. When the temperature drops, a buff is perfect to wear around your neck or head without getting too hot. It can easily be worn over the head for relief, pushed down to the neck or put on the upper arm if you get too hot.

For those who easily get cold and freeze
Layering by Power Woman


Power Woman's leggings are perfect to wear all year round as the material breathes so well that they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because they are like a second skin, we recommend building layers as the cold creeps in. A pair of long underwear underneath in, for example, merino wool is nice when it starts to get below freezing. We know that many people think that it won't fit or will be far too thick under the leggings, but try it, we think you will notice that with our tights, the feeling will be absolutely fantastic as they are designed with a stretch and fit that can handle layers of stock. During autumn, all our tights are otherwise perfect as they are. The composition and thread weight of the fabric means that they keep warm without condensation forming on the inside so that you get sweaty and damp.

Compression socks for extra warmth

If you want a little extra warmth around the ankles and calves, a pair of compression socks are good to wear under or over the tights. All our Edge leggings are equipped with a zipper on the back of the leg that makes it easier to pull up a pair of knee socks under the running tights. A t-shirt and a zip jacket are a good base all year round for those who get cold easily. For an extra layer, one of our thin windbreakers works in the dark, but if you want a little extra warmth, we recommend you choose our All Weather jacket, which is a little thicker and denser in fabric than the windbreaker and which also resists rain.

Keep your head and neck warm

A buff, a hat in cotton knit or acrylic knit. We have all 3 variants!

Power Woman Beanie


October 17, 2023 — Cecilia Hjertzell