Anna Wiss was one of the participants from Team Power Woman who took on the Ex Swimrun Spring Edition 2022 in Stockholm earlier in June. Power Woman got the opportunity to chat with her just before she sat off for the race.

"I feel like a Super Woman after every session and it's a magical feeling." 

How come we got to see Anna Wiss in Ex Swimrun 2022?

I was born and raised in Stockholm, where I live with my husband and two children. I discovered the love of training after I had my first child. For me, physical and mental health go hand in hand - I must train to feel good! I love to take on new challenges and test my limits, life is too short to ask the question - what if? The first time Swimrun came into my life I was terrified, but it also gave me a new experience of feeling alive after the adventure. It is in the feeling of surviving in combination with the closeness to nature that magic arises. I feel like a Super Woman after every session and it's a magical feeling. I hope to be able to help inspire other women to live a healthier life and to challenge themselves every day, through my own participation.

Anna Wiss competing on the left with number 24.

3 quick questions to Anna Wiss

1. Your first meeting with Swimrun?

I'm probably too scared to remember but that was almost 3 years ago. I got a wetsuit as a gift, put it on and groped my way forward. That's the way it is! 😂

2. During a race, what do you eat?

Well with my problem stomach 😂! I have found gels that my stomach can handle,
and then some sweets and water of course. If the energy stations have food that my stomach can tolerate, I also eat that. But I always bring food with me so I can be self-sufficient BUT in the end of the races, I eat whatever is served, especially if chocolate bars are offered like this weekend.

3. Do you have a dream adventure?

Yes, I dream of a starting place in the Swimrun World Championship - ÖtillÖ so I can test my limits. But before, I want to do Rockman in Norway and a race in Engadin, Switzerland. This is because I want to take part in the magical nature where mountains meet water 😍

Photos: Christer Schapiro & Anders Wadin

June 20, 2022 — Cecilia Hjertzell