If we ask Camilla, she describes herself as a woman who stands firmly on the ground, and who tries to balance life with her husband and three sons, a job as a commercial project manager, and as board member for the NGO Team Power Woman Athletic Club. Training has always played an important role in Camilla's life. She holds running classes for children and sidekicks as a crawl coach - although family always gets top priority. But one person who also has top priority is Camilla.

"I need to prioritize Camilla so I can be the best version of myself."



This is Camilla’s story.
At an early stage in life, after really tough setbacks, I chose life. Whatever happens, I choose to see the joy and feel gratitude for my life. No one or nothing should be allowed to destroy it and it has helped me many times. To always choose the thoughts to focus on and not set any limits. After all, it is only me who owns my thoughts, hence also sets the limitations for what I am capable of.
I have a great need for movement and this has led me into several different tracks in sports. My motto is to never say never, but to let my dreams and thoughts flow freely in order to be open to everything I want to experience and do. My heart burns for making children and young people find joy in movement, which of course characterizes me and my husband's way of sharing our interest in health in all its forms with our children.


"Being able to convey and see other people dare to challenge themselves in thought and mind, and to push their limits is incredibly inspiring and I am so happy that I get to be part of it, whether it concerns children or adults"

Just as I am triggered by hard training periods with high goals, I must also have the freedom to train without goals, such as a relaxed jogging in the forest.

Running has been a key part of my life since I was 18. But after a bunch of marathons and a few injuries, I knew there was something else I really wanted to do. An Ironman. In order to do that, I needed to face my biggest fear, water, and learn how to crawl. It has been a mental challenge, although I have made incredible progress and have become a good swimmer.

What made me fall in love with triathlon was the diversity and variety in the training that suits me perfectly. In order to maintain and get stronger, weight training is also included. At the age of 38, I still can't handle working out at the gym, but it's going great at home and the kids still work as weights.

Camilla in Blue Palm - Power Woman

I have completed three half distances, of which one Ironman in Jönköping in 2022. My goal with triathlon is to get to a higher level in my age group, which is really tough. I am humbled by the challenge, but also triggered by setting high goals. I train according to my female body cycle and its biological clock and I feel a great joy about this venture.

This is my dream. I will give it my all. I want to inspire my sons, other young girls, and women to dare to release their full POWER. You are never too old to try something new, and knowledge and lessons are never too heavy to carry. Remember - there is only one version of you so live it to the fullest!


August 10, 2022 — Amaru Garcia