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Our cycling wear are made by female cyclists together with our design team to make sure all details, standards and design meet your expectations. We use highly technical and exclusive materials from selected suppliers in Europe. Every garment is hand-made and carefully made by factories specialized in the cycling performance field.


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Primo Cykelshorts | Gold LeoPrimo Cykelshorts | Gold Leo
Primo Cykelshorts | Gold Leo
Rea-prisFrån 1 355 kr Pris1 695 kr
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Primo Cykelshorts | Rosa/OrangePrimo Cykelshorts | Rosa/Orange
Primo Cykelshorts | Rosa/Orange
Rea-prisFrån 1 355 kr Pris1 695 kr
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Primo cykelshorts | Pink FeatherPrimo cykelshorts | Pink Feather
Primo cykelshorts | Pink Feather
Rea-pris1 355 kr Pris1 695 kr

Cycling Guide

Cycling Shorts

Our bike shorts are made for long distance cycling and have a padding developed by cyclists to counteract the chafingand make cycling comfortable.

  • The padding is 9 mm on the highest point at the back and thinner at front
  • Made of professional 3D protection seamless open cell foam in medium density.
  • Quick dry pad
  • Made in Italy for Italian PRO Cycling Team.
  • The cut on the shorts is made to avoid chafing and the silicone edge is wide and sit firmly on the thigh without creeping up. The waist iswide and soft for good comfort.
  • The fabric is made of thehighest performance material with slight compressiontouch and can withstand weather and wind.
  • Some athletesalso use the cycling pants on ironman races on bothswimming, cycling and running because the trousersare so flexible and like a second skin. All materials are made in Italy and production in Europe.