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Performance sportswear for women

Power Woman offers exclusively designed sports wear for women to enhance their capabilities, form and power. We have a passion to empower female athletes and we want to break mental and physical borders.

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Empower & Support Team Power Woman is all about sticking together. We’re a team. This means that we always empower, support and value each other’s successes – whatever our goals may be. READ MORE ABOUT THE TEAM


Power Women, we are you

You are a PowerWoman. A free spirit who loves training and know that it’s good for you. It empowers you and makes you shine. You are disciplined, passionate and always look for new challenges and new ways to surpass yourself. You are proud to be a woman and know that us women are strong individuals.

Living life on your own terms makes you a role model. Your demands in sportswear is uncompromising and you will not settle for anything less than great designs, a perfect fit and the best materials.


Designed in Sweden, produced in Europe.