What do you like with running?

- The variety in running. Short intervals, easy runs and long runs. Running with a friend. Running without music and to the sound of birds and my own breathing. It is just wonderful.

- Running is my mental free zone. There are no musts, no food to be cooked, no diaper to be changed. Don't get me wrong, I love my life as a whole, but to lace up my running shoes, put on a list according to mood (happy music, melancholy, calm list to hard rock), that feeling is unbeatable.

How come you start running now?

- When I was approaching 30 years old (at the time of writing 33 years). I let go of some of my training needs 3 years ago. Previously, I adapted my training according to what friends wanted to train. To be able to meet and socialize at the same time as we trained. Until now I have followed my heart and focus more on running all year round.

Preparation, Persistence, Passion

- The goal that is in sight is the Stockholm Marathon 3/6. It is my first flat marathon. I have previously run half marathons and the Åre mountain marathon. The mountain marathon was for the experience.

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- To run the Stockholm Marathon is because my desire to compete have increased.  Since the football time, I have missed competing against myself and against others. It builds stamina to train purposefully and following a plan over time. To get a fairly high training dose with both strength and running before the marathon has demanded a lot from both me and my partner (thank you darling for putting up with my running planning). And also to simultaneously juggle a full-time job and small child life.

Can you tell us about your training week?

- A training week for me is about 6 sessions/week. Where it is 4 running and 2 strength sessions. To make it happen, there are early mornings in the garage gym at 5.10 and well-planned lunchtime runs. I love a quote from Charlotte Kalla, which I often use when the bell rings unholy early.... "Don't negotiate with yourself". The brain will always want to take the easy way out. So when the bell rings, don't bargain with yourself, get up and get on with your your best powerwoman suit on!

Tell us about your background in training?

- I have listened fully to my heart and taken my running to a new level. I am 10 years younger than my older brother. At his ninth grade graduation, I was 5 years old. A picture from his graduation pretty much sums up my childhood. In the picture he and three of his friends are friends are super nice in suits, me, little sister. I have shorts and a tank top +... soccer shoes. It was was my most "fancydress". I have always done some kind of sport and exercise. I sat on a horse for the first time as a 1-year-old. Loved going for runs with my dad and our golden retriever on warm summer evenings. Most of my time until I was 20, I played soccer. mostly playing soccer. I went to soccer high school. Unfortunately, injuries stopped me. Which led me to my career choice to become a physiotherapist.

- I work with sports injuries as my main focus and also training during/after pregnancy. My passion is my driving force and what I have allowed to blossom over the past three years, is my running.

The best Power Woman wear?

- My best Power Woman suit at the moment is the Power Woman half-zip sweater together with the Power Woman trucker cap. Perfect for work, sets my vibe for the day<3

Describe a Power Woman for you?

- A Power Woman for me is a free person. Who follows her heart. Who does her thing, does what she feels good about. Exercises for the sake of health.

- Power Woman as a brand stands for so much more than training. for me. It is loaded with positive energy, good vibes that energize others. to be my own Power Woman and be a role model for my soon-to-be two-year-old daughter.

You can find me on instagram @samuelssonrebecca or email rebecca@r2p.se


May 29, 2023 — Anna Wretling